Cummins India - Power of One Cummins

Cummins in India, a power leader, is a group of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Its technology and pioneering initiatives are bringing innovative solutions and dependable services at the best possible value to users across the country. Its high performance outlook is based on customer focus, integrity and capability of its people.

Part of the US $19.2 billion Cummins Inc., Cummins in India is a Group of seven legal entities across 200 locations in the country with a combined turnover of Rs. 13,000 crores in 2016 and employing more than 10,000 individuals. The seven entities (including four joint ventures), are; Cummins India Ltd., Cummins Generator Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Cummins Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Fleetguard Filters Pvt. Ltd., Tata Cummins Pvt. Ltd., Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd., and Cummins Sales and Service Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Cummins Svam Sales & Service Private Limited). Collectively, the Group operates 21 manufacturing facilities across India.

Cummins India Limited, the country’s leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines is one of the seven legal entities of the Cummins Group in India. Comprising of three business units - Engine, Power Systems, and Distribution, Cummins India Limited is also the largest entity of the Cummins Group in India.

  • The Engine Business manufactures engines from 60 HP for low, medium and heavy-duty on-highway commercial vehicle markets and off-highway commercial equipment industry spanning construction and compressor.
  • The Power Systems Business designs and manufactures high horsepower engines from 700 HP to 4500 HP for marine, railways, defense and mining applications as well as power generation systems comprising of integrated generator sets in the range of 7.5kVA to 3750 kVA including transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and controls for use in standby, prime and continuous rated systems.
  • The Distribution Business was acquired in 1967, with the objective of providing products, packages, services and solutions for uptime of Cummins equipments. Through its country-wide network of 31 authorized dealerships, over 200 branch offices and 450 service touch points, the business provides parts, new and rebuilt engines, batteries, services and customer support solutions to products manufactured by Cummins. This network offers a strong team of more than 5,000 company trained engineers and technicians who handle service events of 3,50,000 engines on the field, serving over 1,00,000 customers across various markets in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Established in 1987, Fleetguard Filters Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty air, fuel, lube and hydraulic filters, air intake systems, coolants and chemicals for commercial engines.

Established in 1991, Cummins Generator Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the world’s broadest range of AC generators from 5 kVA to over 10,000 kVA under the STAMFORD and AvK product brands, and is backed by a committed customer support network worldwide.

Tata Cummins Pvt. Ltd. is a 50:50 joint venture between Tata Motors Limited, India's largest automobile manufacturer and Cummins Inc., USA, world leaders in design and manufacture of diesel engines. The entity manufactures high performance, reliable and durable mid-range (B&L) engines in the 75 to 400 HP range that not only comply with current and future emission norms, but are also serviceable globally.

Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd. was formulated in India in 1998 and is a pioneer of global technology, manufacturing a complete range of premium lubricants for engines, equipment and various industrial applications.

Cummins Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2008. The entity encompasses eight divisions – Cummins Turbo Technologies, Cummins Emission Solutions, Cummins Business Services, Cummins Fuel Systems India, Cummins Technical Center India, Phaltan Engine Plant, Global Analytics Center (GAC), and Central Supply Chain Operations (CSCO).

  • In 1995, the Tata Group and Holset (a Cummins-owned company) collaborated to form a joint venture, Tata Holset Limited, to produce turbochargers. When Cummins rebranded its entities in 2006, Tata Holset Ltd. became part of Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT). Today, CTT is the global leader in the forefront of air handling engineering design, producing some of the most durable and innovative turbochargers to meet global challenges of emission reduction, fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership for engines from 3 to 95 litres. CTT has facilities in Pune, Dewas, Pithampur and Rudrapur.
  • Cummins Emission Solutions - Leading global designer, integrator, manufacturer and distributor of exhaust aftertreatment systems and components for ‘on and off-highway’ medium duty, heavy duty and high horsepower engine markets.
  • Cummins Business Services is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The entity handles shared services like payroll, travel and customer care around the world, including India.
  • Cummins Fuel Systems India enables customers to meet increasingly stringent emission requirements while maximizing fuel economy through precise injection of highly pressurized fuel. Caters to mid-range, heavy duty and high horsepower applications in both on and off-highway markets.
  • Cummins Technical Center India, located at the Kothrud campus in Pune is the leading center in India equipped with world-class laboratories and engineering facilities for designing technologies for the future for Cummins businesses worldwide.
  • The Phaltan Engine Plant manufactures QSK 23L & 60L engines along with critical components machining with design flexibility for KV, N14 & K19 models.
  • Established in July 2014, Global Analytics Center (GAC) is a knowledge processing hub set up to support non-engineering business functions and processes to fulfill the analytical needs of various Cummins businesses globally in an integrated way.
  • In order to accelerate synergies and value within the Purchasing, Logistics and Planning, Parts Distribution Center, and New and ReCon Parts Operations, since August 2016, the Central Supply Chain Operations has been established.

Cummins Sales and Service Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Cummins Svam Sales & Service Private Limited) which was incorporated a 50:50  joint venture between Cummins India Limited and Svam Power Plants Private Limited, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cummins India Limited with effect from October 01, 2015. Cummins Sales & Service Private Limited focuses on sales and service of Cummins engines, parts, accessories and providing service support to the engines in Delhi, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Cummins Megasite - The Cummins Megasite at Phaltan in Maharashtra, a 225-acre campus was conceived in 2007 to consolidate and house all ongoing and future expansions of the Cummins Group in India. In March 2008, three Cummins entities were awarded ‘Mega Project’ status by the Government of Maharashtra for their projects at the Megasite. Since then, eight projects have become operational at the Megasite. The Megasite houses two manufacturing facilities for mid-sized mechanical and electronic engines, an engine rebuild center, a reconditioning facility for engines and components, a parts distribution center, a generator set plant, a high horsepower engine plant and a soon to be opened fuel systems and emission solutions plant. The Megasite provides for common amenities like two Training Centers, a Health Center and a Child-Care Center for its employees. A recent addition has been a residential campus for employees working at the Megasite.

Cummins India Office Campus - The corporate headquarters for the Cummins Group in India, the campus offers state-of-the-art collaborative and innovative workspaces catering to diverse work needs.

Cummins Technical Center India - The largest research and development center for Cummins worldwide, the Cummins Technical Center India is equipped with world-class laboratories and engineering facilities, that will enable nearly 2,500 engineers to design on home ground, technologies for the future that customers all over the world will benefit from.

Corporate Responsibility at Cummins

Corporate Responsibility (CR) is one of the six core values of the Company, and states that we ‘serve and improve the communities in which we live’. The CR projects undertaken by Cummins seek to bring about meaningful and sustainable improvements in the communities. Addressing the most fundamental needs of the community, the Company focuses on three  areas - Higher Education, Energy and Environment, and Social Justice and Infrastructure.

Involving senior leadership guidance and ownership, along with dedicated commitment from the employees, high community impact projects are carried out across Cummins locations. The focus areas and their underlying themes are owned and driven by the leaders who set the vision and direction for various initiatives that help deliver impactful and sustainable results for the community. Through continuous interactive engagements, the leaders ensure involvement of all stakeholders throughout the year. Employee participation in these initiatives contribute significantly in scaling up the projects. Employee participation also take place through 

  • Community Involvement Teams (CITs) – These are organized, employee driven teams through which CR initiatives are carried out in the communities in which the Company operates. In India, there are 15 such CITs across Cummins locations.
  • Every Employee Every Community (EEEC) - Under this initiative, every employee is encouraged to spend 4 fully paid working hours on community improvement projects of their choice falling under the three focus areas. Cummins has achieved 100% employee participation and utilization of EEEC hours consecutively for three years.

Partnerships with like-minded corporates, government bodies, NGOs and communities also play a major role in scaling up these projects in the many locations where Cummins is present.

Former CEO J. Irwin Miller, who understood the importance of Corporate Responsibility decades ago, described it as an enlightened form of self-interest. In the words of Mr. J. Irwin Miller, "Business has a very large stake in the quality of the society within which it operates. We flourish only as we are rooted in a society which is healthy, orderly, just and which grants freedom and scope to individuals and their lawful enterprises".