It is easy to see how corporate citizenship can be a natural extension of the Cummins personality. For a brand that stands by the value of Dependability, Cummins recognizes the symbiotic relationship between the various stakeholders. The long term benefits of such an association, clearly overpowers the absence of tangible results in the short term. And so, it is not so much a question of what Cummins chooses to do in the sphere of Corporate Responsibility, but how.

With the goal of creating sustainable wealth for all stakeholders - internal and external - Cummins articulates its perspective on Corporate Responsibility as follows:

  • To evaluate the impact of our business decisions and practices on all of the stakeholders and recognizing our responsibility to each one.
  • Practice highest standards of corporate citizenship by always acting ethically and with integrity, and pursuing and applying 'best practices' to create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.
  • To achieve success by demonstrating our values, and utilizing our talents and resources to drive improvement in the communities in which we operate, as also the larger world.

As is evident, at Cummins, the commitment to Corporate Responsibility is not just a practice, but essentially the very way of how business must be conducted. Corporate Responsibility for Cummins, is not philanthropy- it is a far-reaching, engaging and participative model. The human capital required for the work done, is not seen as a one-time activity. Cummins identifies and motivates employees who demonstrate an alignment to the larger cause. Needless to say, just as Corporate Responsibility is ingrained in Cummins' culture, similarly volunteering comes naturally to the inspired employees.

At Cummins, Corporate Responsibility relies on an endless loop of symbiotic association between the employees, organization and the community at large. Encouraging and empowering employees to explore their compassions towards the communities, Cummins Corporate Responsibility fosters sustainable coalitions with stakeholders. This collaboration lays the foundation of intense efforts at the grass-root level, whose results speak for themselves.

The Corporate Responsibility team looks to the organization for a direction to channelize the raw energy and positive synergies that its cross-functional team brings. Cummins has identified three areas of focus that provide the best platform for itself and its employees to add value.