Key Specifications

  • The B5.9 is a six-cylinder in-line/rotary fuel system design that uses 40% fewer parts
  • Heavy-duty components include:Cummins Marine Engine 6B5.9
    • Forged steel camshafts & crakshafts
    • Plateau-honed cylinder liners
    • Wastegated turbochargers
    • A parent-bore cylinder block built to handle high pressures
    • Wastegated turbochargers
    • Rotary fuel pumps
    • Edge-molded gaskets
Feature Specifications
Engine Family 6B5.9
Engine Configuration Inline, 6 cylinder
Displacement 5.9 L
HP Range (diesel) 80-173 HP
HP Range (gas) N/A
Aspiration TA,
Fuel System Inline/Rotary Injection Pump
Dimensions (mm) 1016 x 632 x 963
Weight (Kg) 452
Emissions Non Emissionized
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