Power Quality Improvements Products

Compensation System (DRPC) and the CII-award winning Real Time Power Factor Compensation cum Harmonics Filtration System (RTPFC).

Through each of these solutions, Cummins Power Generation aims at providing power quality solutions to improve the quality of power in the distribution network

Cummins Power Electronics provides world-class customized solutions like:

  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Real Time Power Factor Compensation cum Harmonic Filtration System (RTPFC)
  • Dynamic Reactive Power Factor Compensation cum Harmonic Filtration System (DRPC)

Services & Solutions

Power Quality Analysis:

Cummins Power Consulting specializes in conducting a comprehensive Power Quality Analysis (PQA) to study the peculiarity of an application, impact of Harmonics levels on sources, rate of change of load for correct evaluation of the solution offered for Power Factor improvement and most importantly correct genset sizing for highly non-linear loads. We also provides customized solutions for fast varying dynamic loads (balanced as well as unbalanced).


Slate-of-the-art genset compatible, dual Power factor Reactive Power Compensation system offering from Cummins aims at improving "Power Factor" and reduction of Harmonic levels of the system. Detailed below are the key features:

  1. Utility & DG compatible System
  2. Dual Power factor setting (PF @ Utility - 1.0, PF @ DG - 0.8)
  3. Balanced and Unbalanced system
  4. Reactors to reduce harmonic contents
  5. Ultra-fast response time (20 ms for RTPFC) & (100 ms for DRPC)

For more information email at cpgindia@cummins.com